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Prosper Country Group of Alcoholics Anonymous
Prosper, Texas

There is hope... Come join us for a meeting.

Our Meeting times

  • Tuesday - 7:30 pm (In-person only, Closed Literature)
  • Thursday - 7:30 pm (In-person only, Closed Discussion)
  • Friday - Noon (Online only, Open Discussion). zoom meeting id: 512 514 175, Passcode: 706226
  • Friday - 7:30 pm (In-person only, Open Newcomer)
  • Saturday - 7:00 pm (In-person only, Open Speaker / 1st Sat Birthday Night)
  • Sunday - 6:15 pm (Online only, Open Women's Discussion). zoom meeting id: 592 316 376, Passcode: 608141

All in person meetings are held at:
205 S. Church St.
Prosper, TX 75078

Note: We meet in the basement of the church. It is the first door on the right you come to when you are walking up the sidewalk. There is normally a sign announcing our group next to the door.

Meeting entry door