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Prosper Country Group of Alcoholics Anonymous
Prosper, Texas

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The history of an AA Group is often hard to reconstruct, but it is always an interesting journey. In talking to a number of past and present members of AA Group#126300, District 21, Area 65 Prosper Country Group, here is our group’s history.

The first meeting of the Prosper Country Group was held on May 31st,1982 and was held in the basement of the Prosper First United Methodist Church. It originally started as a closed meeting on Mondays and Saturdays with group discussion focusing on the AA Big Book and the 12 Traditions of AA. Thursday night meetings were added shortly thereafter and an Open Speaker meeting was held on the last Thursday of the month. This last Thursday of the month also became a birthday meeting as well. Meeting attendance averaged 10-20 AA’s during this time period. The First Anniversary of the Prosper Group had David A (AA) and Gracey A(AlAnon) as speakers. The Second Anniversary had Joe M as Speaker (from the original Joe & Charlie tapes). The Third Anniversary the speaker was Franklin ? and was called the Annual Birthday Bash. One member donated $100 and the group disagreed on how the money was to be spent so a Group Conscience decision was made to discontinue the “Big Birthday Bash”. Some of the “OldTimers” attending meetings back then included Bud S., Karen K, Jeff L, Larry R, Alma R, Ernie, Mickey & Gayle P. Of course there were many others. Attendance dwindled over the years until it was usually just Bud S and Jeff L, so in 1994 the group disbanded and members started attending meetings in McKinney. The Serenity Prayer

The group was reformed in 2004 and started meeting in the house owned by the church (next door to the church). At first it needed cleaning, floors refinished, plumbing work, painting, and a variety of other things. It was empty. A group of the newly started Prosper Country Group spruced things up rather quickly. It was looking like a real AA meeting place with steps & traditions and other print material on the walls. Funny things started to happen. Mysteriously 20 very nice swivel chairs appeared, a bulletin board appeared, coffee pots, water cooler, and even a podium.

Some of the members present in the restart were Bill R, Beth R, Dan G, Wayne H, Bruce R, etc. and lots of support from Frisco Group members who supported Prosper Country Group throughout the first few years.

In 2007 meeting attendance dropped off to the point where we thought seriously about disbanding the group. We decided at a series of group conscience meeting during this time to give the Prosper Country Group 3 to 6 months to turn around. By early 2008 we had recovered from the attendance crisis and have grown steadily since. Newcomers who started at Prosper Country Group are now taking their year + chips and many are on the way to more birthdays.

As of 2022, we currently have 4 in-person meetings and 3 online meetings every week, thanks to Covid-19. Our phonelist numbers over 150 AAs, most of whom are PCG members. We currently meet at a new location. See details on the home page.